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A Sex Worker (Naked Escape)

She was sold to a prostitute ring leader,
who opened for her the floodgate of hell.
Many patrons she was forced to take.
almost without a break.
She was beaten...swollen and bruised
if she refused.
She felt hurt after patron violent thrust
to satisfy his raging lust.
Her feeling so numb,
her emotion so blunt,
She just spread her thigh and leg
lying like a wooden log on bed.
When the patron was unhappy about her service.
She was then abused by the pimp.
With drugs she was put under control.
She was destroyed body and soul.
The pain was so unbearable
that out of the room she ran
without a piece of dress,
with bare butt and breast,
onto the road in broad daylight,
to escape the dreadful plight.
she suffered day and night.
From the sex bondage
she then escaped.

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Enjoyed the story Didn't like the report I feel for my sisters around the world