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A Sex Worker

My father is a chronic heavy drinker,
For taking care of us, he is absolutely irresponsible.
My mother is mentally and physically disabled,
and is chronically bed-ridden.
I am a 18 -year-old girl.
I have 2 brothers much younger.
I was sold to a sex-slave ring
to do the mankind's oldest profession.
I had no other choice,
I had to sacrifice,
for my family to have enough rice.

I have met many customers.
No one treated me tender.
Every one treated me like an animal.
Some white, some black, some yellow.
some young, some middle-aged, some so old.
some big, some small, some tough.
some small, some long, some rough.
They all thrusted hard, harder, hardest,
my bone almost cracked.
Causing me very hurt,
in my private part,
swollen with bloody discharge.
Some on the booze,
for using condom they refused.

Whenever I see a daddy
playing with his daughter happily,
my tears rolls down profusely.
Whenever I see a young couple in love,
holding each other tightly in a hug,
my heart breaks into pieces and parts.
Whenever I see students,
studying lessons diligent,
my heart wails and crashes.

For me sex is a thunder blitz
not a beautiful God's gift.

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I'm so sorrie 2 hear that.. But, I did too.. Me too, just like u.. Nobody wanna be, But life forced us to be..