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A Shade Of Love

The moon is a shade of love tonight!

See her blinking as in pleasant surprise

At how you caught her off-guard, blushing

At something your lips had uttered in her praise.

Do you not see her walking around?

Cynthia's ethereal Beauty awaiting your sight

Keeping a distance for want of luck or enough plight

Yet meeting your every step in every single trail.

And though she travelled so far along

Till dawn break pulled her arms to stop

You tell me you heard not her song

And the musing that her harp had brought?

And though the world in her was lost

And to your face alone she lent her final glow and glance

You tell me, my love, you bid her adieu

And set out in quest of this mortal wreck?

by Anusha Sreekant

Comments (2)

Anusha, such a heartwarming poem👍👍👍
A lovely poem with a romantic theme. The moon is an enchantress that beguiles our minds for her beauty when she is full and radiantly glowing in the night sky.10