A Shadow From My Past

Poem By mona martinez

i wonder if details matter,
it happened so long ago,
is it really important?
do i really need to know,
who and why?
you a shadow from the past,
but you haunt my mind,
just knowing part of what you did,
makes me wonder why i trusted you,
i begged not to see you,
but my begging wasn't strong enough,
not without a reason why,
so i continue to be abused,
i was scared of you,
is that the reason you remain,
being a shadow in my thoughts?
i blocked you out,
just like the pain,
no longer have a face,
but yet you remain a mystery,
in my past,
i'm starting to think,
it should be where you stay,
no need to open a can of worms,
that don't need to be open,
for me to understand the whole story.

Comments about A Shadow From My Past

Really sad. Some times our past comes back. Some times we can hold it at bay. Take a look at my poem called innocence lost.

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