A Shadows Kiss

We two did become one today,
if only for a glance.
Our eyes they meet than danced away,
forbidden if by chance.

by Ken Bennight Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

wow this is realy good
Really great piece of artwork! ........10+++ (my new- 'My naked Beauty said-')
Superb and excellant dear saint. I love saints sufis and dervish.
I love this one to you are amazing with words! how did you lear to write like this. *Purkey Girl*
Too cryptic for me Saint.Bit disjointed and the poetry did not flow as well as it may have.Theme good May have been improved by lengthening the sentences.Could have been constructed into a Sonnet, quite good thinking and theme....Just a thought.Otherwise good ideas and originality... Sid.
There can always be so much inside a single glance. You have done a great job expressing that here, very emotive.
secret love kissing in the dark...hmmm very exciting maybe. thanks.md