You Don'T Care

I want to show you my wrist.
But you'll just turn away.
You can't see the blood on my shirt.
Because you don't care anymore.
I've always been lost.
But you never tried to find me.
I tried to tell you to take the knife.
But you didn't hear me.
Because you don't care.
You can't hear me at all.
Because you don't want to.
Because you hate me.
I cut my wrist.
You can't see I'm in pain.
Because you don't care.
You don't care if I'm in pain.
You don't care if I die.
You just don't care.
And I know it.

by Tonya Kincheloe

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Comments (5)

Beautifully abstract. I like it.
So notelessly are made.....agree- 10 intriguing poem and flows nicely ★
I agree Lydia! She uses punctuation in such a musical manner!
Again, the punctuation means just as much as the words do to a poem.