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A Shattered Image
IM (03-24-1990 / phoenix, AZ)

A Shattered Image

Poem By Ivana Mabry

Her soul is golden and her heart is pure,
Blinded by her innocence, she cannot find the light,
The demon, she does not dare to fight,
She yells and screams but she is not heard,
The cries are muffled, every word,
She closes her eyes and begins to pray,
She knows the demon is gonna pay,
The demon is gone, the little girl gets up.
She looks at her refection,
At the bruises and cuts,
She looks at her face with teary eyes,
Then breaks the mirror and begins to cry,
She is broken,
as she walks toward the door she looks at the ground,
only to see what she has become… a shattered image.

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Comments (3)

wow. I really like this. I can relate to it in so many ways. I hope to see more poems from you. You are a very good writer. Great job. Chrystal
This poem is so beautiful writen. i can relate so much to this. Hopefully you have some happiness in your life! Brandi Young
This is so powerful.....beautiful. I really like it.