A Shattered Life

Poem By Kaishai Crescent

All along, I thought I was alone forever...
Then you came along...changing the weather.
A friend to forever be with me inside,
Together so I am not lonely when I hide.
Though sadly, time had come upon us,
Death tolls becoming a must...
A killer, purely very cold at heart,
Had came and tore us far apart...

After coming from the shadows I saw,
Struck forever with depressions awe.
You were paralyzed with death, killed while I was gone,
Since then, I have forever been withdrawn.
The only person that was imporant to me,
Had left me in death, free to be...
Though alone I could not withstand it,
The pain too strong, too much to sit.

Unsure of what to do, I stayed shattered,
Heart, spirit, and even pride tattered.
The darkness taking over my lonesome soul,
Stuck playing the darknesses loner role.
Internally wounded for life and so on,
No one shoulder to always cry upon,
And no one to come to me...
When they wished for help to see.

Even though you are gone...I will remember...
While I stare into the very lonely ember...
That you were always there for me...
And never left me while I was sad to be...
Yet you are still forever within my heart...
Our spirits will never tear apart...
And I will hold onto thee like gold...
Even as I begin to grow very old...

(© 4/02/04)

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