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A Shattered Life

these last few months
i could feel you growing inside
felt you beneath my heart
was so full of pride

i had hopes for you
dreams too
was so happy
couldnt wait to meet you

i went to the doctor
had all the tests
was doing all things right
what i thought best

then the pains and bleeding started
this was unbelievable
this shouldnt be happening
its unconcievable

if i could hold you in my arms
for just one day
just a few minutes
before they took you away

why did this happen
what had i done wrong
why now
why this long

when i lost you
what was left of my heart
was shattered
from you too, now i was torn apart
nothing else mattered

i left the hospital
went back home
fell into my bed
crying alone

soon i will be holding you
for all eternity
then my heart
shall find serenity

by sandy nobody

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Oh, Sandy, no, no, oh so sorry. Oh, my dear, tears.....So sorry I am. You wrote this beautifully and so sad I am for you because this is a tender write. Delicate, to lose a child. You did nothing wrong, unforeseem occurrences befall us all as the Bible says. I am so sorry, and I hope that in some way you have learned or learning to live with this........words cannot even express.. It was still a very good write and so touching.....HUGS HUGS