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A Shattered Mirrior

A mirror broken, glued together
still functions but it's not the same
proof of past falls and crashes still remain
the cracks tell a story of how carelessly it was taken for granted
you look in its broken soul;
you see yourself reflected
you smile buts only halfway there
theres a piece missing, a jagged glass, never to be replaced
you can't really smile
you look closer and though it looks like it's only cracked now
the breaks are still as deep and some pieces are in the wrong place
you back up, suddenly you don't look so strong
it's pass makes cracks in your reflection
you glance around, no ones in the room to see this
you are alone
the mirrior must be a meaphor
it reflects so much of you
this broken image, placed together all wrong
you reflect so much of a damaged mirrior
maybe you are the meaphor
cold, empty, pointless, saddness,
shattered so many times before
lies, love, lust, and life dropped you like
someone carelessly dropped this fragile mirror
though its broken
with one glance
you've never seen yourself better
a shatter person, stitched together
still functions but will never be the same.

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A mirror is always a metaphor of one who looks into it and tries to find himself in it.....but not totally......yeah mirror can b a true portrait of u......but sometimes it can lead u the wrong can lead u to believe what u r not actually.......can hamper your confidence, your self belief...........tht's wht i believe......i can b wrong insightful poem and an interesting comparison another quality work........bravo... ;)