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A Sheep Gave Her Heart To A Wolf
LY (02/02/1985 / Asmara)

A Sheep Gave Her Heart To A Wolf

She was born to Adam and Eve
Longer years she is to live.
God made her heart of a humble sheep
Gave her body while asleep.
Body of eve given to her
With sheep's heart it is danger.
As she grew, her soul and mind
Was happy as a dressed bride.
Grown up with heart free
For her, life was soft N easy.
She could never assume life
As serious of hard strife.
At her time to be mellow
Many called her 'Beauty Fellow'.
With her loving heart of a sheep
She reached her age for relationship.
Many tried to win her heart
But 'Love for All' was her thought.
Astonished by their inquisition
She didn't reach at decision.
But then later started to think
She was being accentric.
And happened to cigutate
To give someone the sheep's heart.
'Lucky will be the one to win
A man clean from all the sin.'
Thought all those attempted
Eager to see the luckiest.
While walking on life's way
Happened to see a handsom guy.
And stopped pausing her walk
Told herself 'take a deep look'.
Nice feeling took over her
Enjoyable, but hard to bear.
'Maybe this is the one I want'
She had thought deep in her heart.
He happened to see her too
His face brightened from blue.
He let her see deep in his heart
And said to her, 'find out'.
Found nothing as bad in him
N started to see him in her dream.
'This surely is the only one
Who deserves my heart's throne'.
After giving a while thought
She gave away her sheep's heart.
'Lucky me to have this guy,
Lucky me oh...my oh...my'.
Thought the Eve with sheep's heart
Seeing the future as so bright.
Never been she as so happy
And thought life is real beauty.
The luckiest showed her love
As maximum as one can have.
He called her 'My Dove'
Hiding his comportment of a wolf.
Having a little fight one day
Made her mind a bit gloomy.
Thinking things will be fine
She didn't let things overturn.
Time after time disputes repeated
Her sould and mind were confused.
He turned out to be huffy
Making things so uneasy.
Herself she had always blamed
For all wrongs he caused.
Things went from bad to worse
Making her heart to vandalize.
The heart of sheep begun to melt
From the fire that he had put.
The guy who did all this damage
Had wolf's heart with man's image.
Poor her, now she is broken
By whom her angel had been.
Now who will mend her broken heart?
Now who will undo the sorrow he brought?
Abondoned is she in the middle of a desert.
The Eve who has a sheep's heart.


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Comments (10)

Very clever and too often true, I'm glad I could read this.
A sad story of the first heartbreak. I hope the sheep won't turn into a wolf to avenge herself. A nice write. Welcome to PH! Warmly, Julia
Your gentle story is very precious, a fragile girl who got hurt, I hope she finds a better man, I hope she finds herself. Keep writing!
Lidia If this is your first poem to the site then I look forward to reading the rest. I liked the way you handled the pen I found it a good write Cheers Sylvie
My friend Scarlett asked me to read your poem... Love the title; such an original idea... You are new so I want to encourage you (having been new not long ago) to carry on writing and thinking your poems through, not just feeling them (if that makes sense) . This needs some editing, in my opinion, for better flow and sense. Again, the idea is very special! Welcome to Poem Hunter; come back with more soon!
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