Per Ardua Ad Astra

For every soul
That's claimed by the outraged wind,
Humanity, take toll
In fuller knowledge of the world behind
The dawn-mist and the aery eventide -
In greater skill the paths of heaven to ride.

For every life -
God knows the price we've paid for sov'ranty -
For every life
Let Man exact the full indemnity:
That unborn men secure may ride at ease
The labyrinthine channels of the breeze.

by Gordon Alchin

Comments (4)

A nicely written poem; I've written one with a similar theme - it's entitled 'greaan Meadows'. Perhaps you would enjoy it.
It's nice to know faith in Christ forever flourishes in everyday life and inspires itself to poetry. Today's televised news can be very depressing to view... Turning to Christ the Lord, are not enough people, too, too few. More people of today are starting to climb aboard Jesus Christ's rescue boat, so that many more believing followers can spread His word to add to the boarding list, of those so saved. Men and women don't need to drown in their own misinformed sinfull lives.God and His saviored son will return to toss to man a spiritualed, loving, much needed life-saver, bouied float, from a torrential flooded sin leaked dam. Best regards-Mike Gale.
Gary your faith is wonderful, Christ is wonderful I join you in every step. This is a beautiful poem. cheers Sylvie.
I don't share your faith but this is a lovely poem. It reminds me of Psalm 23, which my Granny used to sing to me when I was a wee girl. Hugs Anna xxx