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A Shining Star
SK ( / Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

A Shining Star

Poem By Svetlana Konstantinov

On a clear night the sky is filled with shining stars,
When two Lovers look up,
They can see a light,
A shining star taken out of the sky,
As a token of their love for each other.

A miracle at first sight,
Small and innocent,
Spanking new yet familiar,
A need to touch and hold,
Slipping in track with time.

A joy that fills a void,
So full of life,
A treasured commitment to uphold,
Brings a closeness,
Warms the soul.

A shining star having the same bloodline,
To be named and imprinted in the mind,
Like a shooting star,
That streaks across the sky,
Hope for the future, and beyond.

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