A Shiny Medal

Will he see the sun for another day
Or will they carry his body away
In pieces, or downed by a single sniper shot.
He loves this life but hope he has not.

Too many have fallen by his side
Too many that joined out of a sense of pride.
He feels the jitters, he feels the nerves
But he carries on faithful to the country he serves.

His luck has held but for how much more?
A shiny medal for a hero of war
For his mother and father to hold in their hands
And remember their son who died in a foreign land.

Copyright Shirley Woods 24/6/10

by Shirley Woods

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Welcome to poem hunter Shirley hope we will see more of you in the coming days I like the theme of your poem, not everybody is ready to wrap his body in blood in foreign land just for the sake of country. Read mine 'to the martyrs'