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A Shopping Trip

You pick a fine day so you're off to the stores, up and
down on the escalator to all different floors.
Into a shopping mall where life never stands still,
a shopper's dream that will fix and thrill.
In you go, and you breath a sigh, this is your
fix your on a high. Looking for offers, like buy one
get one free so you can add to your spending spree.
Designer perfumes full of passion, spending you're
money as if it's going out of fashion. Neon lights above
the doors in and out of different stores.Window shopping
at it's best can we afford it, that's the test. Pocket's now on
over spill now to get another thrill; don't worry about
tomorrow that may bring sorrow, we live for today so let
the credit card pay. Designer clothes made for the skinny
no long skirts only short or mini. Hipster trousers
that show a belly full of flesh, what ever happened to the
smart female dress, then you find a store that has a good
address.You visit Marks and Spencers where you know
the clothes will fit, so you decide to have a total refit.
Stop for lunch with a glass of wine and then it's down to the cash
point for a second time. You buy a pair shoes to match
the jacket then its home to hubby to hear his racket.
Hubby comes home then goes into decline because his
dinner is not on time. You tell him that you've shopped
until you dropped in London and Kent. Then he drops
when he finds out how much money you've spent.

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Comments (6)

This is a very human condition, we spend so much because we are convinced that it will make us feel better, A great insight Love Duncan X
Wonderful poem, Sylvia. Your stories are so warm and human. They always touch my heart.. Love, Sandra
Very well described Sylvia, it's certainly a mammoth task. Lovely story captured here. Love Ernestine XXX
You make wonderful tales of the everyday things in life Sylvia. A fab read. (For my part I take on board what Michael has to say! ! ! !)
Another great read, one close to my heart, from me my cash will soon depart! My flexible friend is raring to go, I'll leave my worries till tomorrow. Excellent! Love, Fran xx
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