A Short Biography

Poem By Janaki Nilmini

I cannot exactly remember my mother
Separated at birth from each other
I couldn't have any playmates either
we weren't allowed to play together

many of the babies, didn't see the light
The females survived, but a different plight
Wish I was dead then, rather than now
Life wasn't worth for a voiceless cow

Sooner or later you'll be on sale
No matter where you go, it's the same tale
A herd of us was taken away
It was a gloomy and very dark day

Since then, life was nothing but hell
Suffered in silence as no one to tell
There's no dignity, the abuse, forceful
But, a dream of a calf, made me hopeful

Soon my memories, haunted me
Motherhood, I felt, it wasn't for me
As they were born taken away
I Cried and wailed every single day

Producing gallons of milk for the dairy
I felt deceived, drained and weary
Having worked many years, although tired
There is no place for us to be retired

Next is definitely last destination
My mother too had the same termination
Now, this is my life, I have to tell
I nurtured a nation. May you be well! t

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