GN (04.09.1980 / Kalyan (Mumbai))

A Short Brisk Walk.....

Strolling beside the seaside
Soothing myself by the cool breeze
Watching the orange Sun going for rest
In the arms of sea,
My mind took a short brisk walk
Down through the lane of memories.

Carefree were the days and Peaceful nights,
Whole day thinking of some naughty pranks,
Swinging in arms of elders,
Demanding as if I am the Royal,
Shed tears to fulfill wishes,
Spending hours playing in water,
Splashing over drenching myself and surrounding,
Climbing over wherever my little feet could reach,
When I fall, would console myself by hitting the ground,
Try doing things meant for elders,
Praying to God to make grow faster,
Those were the childhood days,
Cherishing sweet moments.

I was surrounded by darkness,
Could hear waves roaring
And Moon saying to return home,
My mind took a short brisk walk
Down through the lane…


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Cherishing sweet moments this line is very enjoy full10++++
Your thoughts are great but it is my personal opinion that the presentation in your first verse is not in conformity with those that follow. Your first verse is excellently put forth. The same tempo is not maintained in the other two verses and that gives less verve as the poem progresses. Your style is good. Keep writing. arya
Thanks for bringing back childhood memories, those days were so good, so free. wonderful poem
there's a moment i walked a long walks..........3 miles to school...........i told my they treasured each sorrows and pains..........with a deep sigh....
Thanks for allowing me to take a stroll with your poem. Very enjoyable.
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