DW ( / Covington Kentucky)

Reverse Bullying

A tribute to one young lady
Suicide by bullying

Never be forgotten...

I heard a sermon, captivating, me in
A turn
Accomplishing the traps of satan, burning
Begin, the amputation of the curses
Then I heard of bullying
Then pens reverse it
Pulling into sin, the kids, made to fully miss the purpose
'Tis a person...
Swindled into an end...
My countenance has
From the local homes to all the continents revolving
A string of mobile phones
Persisted lows
Though know it's wrong
The strongest are consistent but the hopes for kids that's holding on...
Consider me totally a joke
'Cause I can't make them quit
Unaswered ask abouts
And hidden answers
Take a pick...
Another family in shambles
Now, this girl is gone
From hate disguising as some candor meant to hurt a soul...
I guess some people dress in evil after waking up
The children be the leaders for the future
What we raising up?
Bullies have another problem
Something deep within...
The insecurities and sorrows fake a need to 'win'
Facing it with hate is not acknowledged
To perpetuate it
But aggression for this pot of rottens sure suppress the anger
What are we supposed to do?
All the leaders brazen
Thinking of themselves
They don't care about what people saying
As for me? Think about the ones that need a hand
Bare each other's burdens like the type of stuff that Jesus said
All the evil ones are hellbound
They're dead and finished
But ones like Dej
Front of page
A constant pain
Robbed of any day repentance
One slave
Of conscious snakes
I add the pain to comprehension
One faith, sufficient Sunday
All I do is smile
'Cause your face, I'll witness some day
Friends and family probably sad
But they shouldn't be
God accepted you as His lamb
And so you're good with me!
Your beauty was the envy of many
They used their words to
Break you
As I envision, standing back, all the curses they do
It became too much!
And those serpents just replayed the hate
Never would they hush
And you ain't know how to explain the angle...
You decided but God is not an evil God
Taken you upon His wing
In heaven with the peaceful squad...
So you made it...
Baby girl, just enjoy yourself
Never be forgotten
I ain't know you
But the Lord is there...

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