A Short Story About The Year 2016

Poem By Himasri Barman

A Another year is starting with blessings of God
Lots of New Year wishes, new hopes, more courage
New upcoming struggle accompanied with my New Year starting
Lots of confusion & infusions in mind
Those which I don't want to do for some reasons
But for some reason its look like a miracle
Things happening like a most unexpected way
Sometime it seems difficult to perform smoothly
But time is the most powerful medicine
I want to give best performance in all task
I keep believe in GOD and in my work
So no questions to let me down
Better to resume all my achievements till date
So even after I don't want to fight still
I decide why I should lose hope without fighting
I know and my soul and God know I am honest
Then my inner sound says why not
Many great things happens with lots of extreme difficulties
I thanks to GOD that still I am working on the subject
Which you gifted me
After all another new achievement add in my life journey..
I would like to fight not because of to win subject
But yes to become better
To prove weak people can be scholar
And I promise myself why I should leave things without true effort
Love you life the way you are…

Comments about A Short Story About The Year 2016

Time improves the art of poetry, the feelings you put is your poem is inspiring.The lines are beautifully used.Welcome to Poemhunter
You have spoken from the heart and many good things are contained in your poem. This appears to be the first poem that you have posted on this website. Welcome to Poem Hunter!

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