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A Shortgun A Partridge And A Hare

A Shortgun A Partridge And A Hare

Embedded memories emancipated
From two decades of imprisonment
Memories of youthful exuberance
And utter carelessness
With jeeps and shot guns we hunted
Hare and partridges
Before and after sunset
One brilliant day in spring
I remember the adrenalin pumping,
And the incredible rush of blood
The total disregard to life
Which seemed so unimportant
The memories came to me when I
Viewed the landscape from a train
The landscape hadn’t changed at all
I held my breath in shock
But after all these years have passed
I have changed so very much
If you put a shot gun in my hand today
I’d never repeat that blunder
I love guns now like I loved them then
But for a different reason
Now it’s purely for a sport
In which no life is taken

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