A Show Of Calisthenics

Love is a beautiful dance when we started
We can never have enough of ourselves
All the tossing and turning are graceful
Catching me when I dive like a swan
You're an epitome of mastery, life
Is so grand as we both keep
In step with the music
Yet, for one of us
The music fails
A memory of
Photographs in
Albums, one for the
Books, good performance
Clap your hands folks, look here
A perfect pair on display, putting up a
A show of calisthenics but without the music
Words sound empty, dance without truth lacks beauty

by Doris Cornago

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Falling in love with love is falling with make-believe; falling in love with love is playing the fool. These words are part of an old song but they ring current for people who think they are so in love without thinking of the lifetime commitment that such a feeling requires.