A Shrew–yet Untamed

I am a soft, white cotton seed,
Flying across the deep blue sky,
With unhindered strokes -untamed.

I am a frisky, agile antelope,
Scampering across the green meadows,
With unrestrained spirit - untamed.

I am a silk smooth dolphin,
Gliding across the sea-green surges,
With uninhibited freedom – untamed.

I am a milk white unicorn,
Darting across fantasy landscapes,
With unbridled elegance - untamed.

I am a gushing, tumultuous waterfall,
Tumbling down the brown rocky mountains,
With turbulent splendour - untamed.

I am a stubborn, feral shrew,
Sashaying across the time and tide of life,
With vivacious passions - untamed.

by Hazel Nut

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