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A Shy Young Gippsland Poet

I know this poet in Gippsland and she is one who writes rather well
But she must live with the disappointment that her poems she can't even sell
Perhaps I would understand it were her verses doggerel
But her poems are things of great beauty blooming like flowers of the dell.

I could come up with a reason for her lack of poetical success
She is a very shy person and others do not try to impress
She doesn't read at poetry gatherings she is not of the in crowd
Things for her might be quite different were she more haughty and proud.

It would be an understatement if I did not say that I was not surprised
That one with such a rare talent as a poet not recognized
In a World of self promotion herself she does not promote
And so few sing the praises of the shy young Gippsland poet.

A dark haired young Gippsland poetess and quite lovely to behold
And her poems things of great beauty yet her books remain unsold
She is shackled by her inhibitions far too sensitive and shy
She is not one of the in crowd and success has passed her by.

by Francis Duggan

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