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A Sign
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

A Sign

Dear god give me a sign
feels like I've been left behind
just something to remind
anything to make me feel fine
this world is so unkind
tranquility I cannot find
So please just a sign
anything to let me know you are still there
something to show you still care
my words seem to pass in air
so much pain I bear
please lord answer my prayer
Is anyone still up there
circles now square
Sadness inside I wear
filled with such grief
I need something to restore my belief
Does my utterance fall on deafened ears
Alone must I face all my fears
Heartaches I've collected as souvenirs
Please if you could be so kind
Just give me a little sign
Tomorrow the sun will shine
they say prayer is your hotline
It is not for me to understand the grand design
Please if you are so inclined
Just need a peace of mind
I'll understand if you decline
I'll drink wine and be fine
All I need is just a sign

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I need something to restore my belief thanks