A Sign Everyday

Am I not blessed by you oh Lord
Everyday your mystery unfolds
For I doubt to easily your promise
I am weak to doubt your mighty sword

Temptation at every turn
Human weakness mine to battle
But trust in You I will my God
Time will give me what I yearn

I have but two hands my saviour
But I stand not alone
For you remind me everyday
That disbelief is foolish behaviour

The sheep was lost to this earth
Misled by rage
I look to you now my Shepherd
For the path you laid out at birth

Praises be to You
With your guidance there is nothing I cant do......

(15 August 2007)

by Jude's Child

Comments (3)

your poems so completely betray reality. i shouldn say betray coz m sure u wan d readers to go through it. how u wen down in life, den came up again, renewd wit vigour for life n a trust in god which most of us fail at. do u think u could write me a msg tellin how it all happened, coz I 2 wana know god through ur eyes.
Well written jude im with you........
WOW...So Beautiful the Sign of God's Love Alive Inside our hearts as one forever in Faith. Thank you for sharing!