A Silenced Scream

Poem By Torie Way

There’s always a voice inside me,
That screams and calls my name,
This voice always says that I’ve done wrong,
But am I the one to blame?

I try to shut this voice out,
To shut out all the screams,
But this voice is always with me,
Screaming in my dreams,

This voice in me is secret,
One that never shows,
But secretly inside of me,
The voice shouts from below.

Comments about A Silenced Scream

Really like your poem, they're a lot better than mine (hehe) ...Write more poems! ! !
A silenced scream... Love that title! By the way I think your poem is very cleverly crafted to portray that feeling just right... <-I hope that made sense.. ^_^
I think we all (hopefully) hear our inner voice...I call mine my conscience. I really like this poem. You've captured how I think many people feel. Great poem. I look forward to reading more of your work, we may just share similar voices... Sincerely, Mary

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