My Shoulder

There's a hand upon my shoulder
Well it's a spiritual one
Holy spirit right behind me
Oh I can not see
But can feel
So soothing
So sweet
I feel it constantly
Love it
Kmowing that up there
A light shines down on me
Nice to feel a hand upon my shoulder

by Richard R Collins Jr

Comments (3)

Really like your poem, they're a lot better than mine (hehe) ...Write more poems! ! !
A silenced scream... Love that title! By the way I think your poem is very cleverly crafted to portray that feeling just right... <-I hope that made sense.. ^_^
I think we all (hopefully) hear our inner voice...I call mine my conscience. I really like this poem. You've captured how I think many people feel. Great poem. I look forward to reading more of your work, we may just share similar voices... Sincerely, Mary