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A Silent Pains
HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

A Silent Pains

Poem By hazem al jaber

still nothing, just a silent pains...
which moan alone...
and fight for her freedom..
to live in deep...
no one knows her deeply disaster..

she hids her repressed sadness,
which lived with a most of her life..

don`t allow any, crossing her darkness world..
her darkness world, is a mix between a sadness tears
and an imprisoned breaths...

so she is coexistence with her life,
until to declare her ending..

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Comments (21)

The poem written with crimson blood, so pain and so hurt....literally and heartfelt...That's mean you have power in your hand that make your poem so real for readers...anyway i wish all the best for her for one day she will find the glory day and win over sadness..peace! Salam_Unwritten Soul
a typical poem to describe how our pains are incarcerated within our hearts..it does not take us much time to express our emotions provided we dropp our shyness or ego or anything that stops us.
Silent pains lead to rage and depression, it's better to express them in any way or another. Sport is one outlet, poetry is another. Both serve to release the pain and calm the beating heart... I invite you to read 'A poetess wrath', you'll see how a woman releases her pain and her rage. Good write.
there are pains that are better kept sient, without knowing what it is, i feel the pain too.this is the best way it can be expressed, the massage is great!
There's a great message behind this poem.. i enjoyed reading it very much. great work!