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A Silent Prayer (In Tribute To Eddie Guerrero, The Legend)

A silent prayer for the moment,
Of this passing so cherished,
Of this man so true,
And in hope that this hero,
Will be treasured and honored,
For his endeavours and vigour,
Praying for halcyon and beauty,
In his after life so dear,
That brilliance is his soul once more,
That his spirit will ride on with gusto,
To the realms above so brave,
While we blind our melancholy,
Of his leaving,
But applaud this legend,
So eminent in passion and truth,
Earning kudos from the angels above,
While on his peaceful peregrination,
We bid him our last farewells,
In our silent, silent hearts,
That we shall bear truth to the end,
That we shall keep in this silent,
Silent prayer that remains breathing,
Till the end of this life,
Till silence bear this truth,
And the truth bear this silence,
This silent prayer rests in our hearts till,

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a wonderful poem in praise of a great wrestler who sought truth throughout his brief life I'm glad you wrote this piece keep up the good work