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A Silent Scream Screeched Across Eternity
GS (19/1/90 / birmingham (England))

A Silent Scream Screeched Across Eternity

Diluted pupils
Stare and burn holes in the sky
Ragged breath rips the air and silence
I crumble where I lay.

Eternity scrapes across my face.
Chapped lips beg silenced prayers
Stuck fast, hopelessly to ruin and waste
I am an eroding ignominy.

Like ice I stick, frozen, dead.
Bend my fingers and watch them splinter
Icicles should scatter, a litter of glittering heads
I am wet flesh stuck to an icy bed.

Put to slumber I never dream
But watch and watch and watch the revolting heavens
Incapable of ripping myself apart,
I’ve become an eternal creep.

I thought once
That I should never bear myself,
With an enduring sanity
And perhaps I haven’t
Who I ask would endure this bitter hell?

And only now does the sun come,
Only now do the scales melt from my hand
Like gleaming frost in the morning light
Perhaps now, when it does not matter,
Can I stand.

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Comments (4)

it feels like u ripped me open and poured out my very soul in this! holy crap. amazing. almost braught me to tears... wow. let me catch my breath! jeeze!
Wow, I think you must be the best kept secret on this site
Power packed An absolute must read
I liked this one... a lot....