A Silent Teen

Silent Teen

I have a little boy
All day long he talks
He tells me all his thoughts
What a chatterbox!

But he is gonna change
I've heard people say
He'll get quieter with age
Not gonna stay this way

Well, that may be true
Of John or Jim or Walker
But my little boy
Will always be a talker!

That's what I used to think
Time passed and my boy grew
He's taller now than me
And joined the silent crew

Now when I try to speak,
Draw him out or share stuff
A 'Mm' or 'ye' or 'nah'
Is all I get from Boy Gruff

I miss that little talker!
His silence makes me yearn
For chatty days together
Will they ever return?

by Laurie Van der Hart

Comments (3)

Some teens get to a silent stage; some don't. Just keep on trying to talk to them. Ask them about school, their friends, their interests. Show them that you love them and they may open up. I join Glen in praying for you and yours. Kim
Thank you, Glen, for your empathy. I know you brought up two boys yourself you know the challenges.
The teen years- oy! My prayer now, Laurie, that a rich and warm relationship will bless your future. -Glen