A Silver Lining In The Darkest Cloud

The milk has the hidden butter,
And this is a known factor,
But only when it's churned,
Up floats the butter turned.

The mind has the God hidden,
Amidst all the thoughts ridden,
But only when it turns clean
His vision inside can be seen.

A pure mind is always pure,
Despite a noble one falls poor,
Like a conch shell burnt in fire,
Still it remains white forever.

A diamond is the diamond best,
Even if it lies in a heap of dust,
And so shines a lotus found
That grows in a muddy pond.

The pure gold is heated up well,
Hammered before it gets its pull,
And twisted into different shapes
Of ornaments kept in shops.

The ups and downs we face,
In our life long endless race,
Are the God's golden efforts
So our Souls live in comforts.

Face any trouble with a smile,
For you're sure in the next mile,
To step over diamond or gold,
To brighten up your life, behold.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

Comments (8)

'...conch shell burnt in fire remains white for ever'. very good line indeed... a poem with a good content...10
Hello Rajaram, Such a lovely poem...I shall linger in the warmth of it. Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing
Certainly, a master piece. A magician at work.
I love this poem so much, the perfect comparisons and rhyming together!
The only reason for many not to submit their votes here I foresee is that they must have definitely found 10 as too less for this precious work of artistry. But, I did take the courage to allow 10 here as I found this to be the most beautiful poem I have read in recent times. There are many a poets here like me, but not many as talented as you. This poem gives birth to HOPE.... I agree here with Sandra: This is very comforting and reassuring poem!
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