LB (June 15,1947 / Texas)

A Simple Act Of Charity

A simple act of charity
the giving of yourself.
No, it is not pity,
it is quite something else.

It is giving from your
mind, heart and soul.
Expecting nothing in return
no silver, jewels, or gold.

Love given will be love
returned in vast amounts.
It's not what you give
it's how you give that counts.

Charity is not just money
it is time, love and words.
It is a little piece of you
shared quietly, but heard.

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Comments (4)

Lady Blue, You have hit it right on the button very spirtual undertones here Very good I have one 'Court of Love' Along the same lines check it out :) Peter
Nice one Rita, sweetly sung. Giving all the right reasons of charity. Lovely read. Love Ernestine XXX
Hi Lady Blue, snap! I'm blue too and it's all down to love! dear dear! what to do. I agree with the sentiment of your lovely flowing poem very much. 10 from smiling anyway, cus what else can I do? Tai
compassion forever feeds the world in numberless ways not possible to forsee or understand simply giving exists as a manifestation of that love which means everything a wonderful poem