Poem Hunter
(1783 - 1872 / Denmark)


Mud is good,
Its dead good mud,
It's in me blood,
But where not understood,
Us people of mud,
In the shadow of a gas tank and born on a Mersey bank, I lived on cobbled streets dark and dank,
I played on a ship that sank, and for anything else I wouldn't thank....... you
On king street docks, girls in cheap frocks, curly locks, time tocks, the boat rocks,
The tanyard smell made life hell for all that dwell, under the bridge,
In Garston L19, it's the scene, its clean, it's where I've been, it's not obscene or green, if you know what I mean.
Its community security sincerity and every other word that ends with erity,
But it's fallen apart,
Don't lose heart.
I go into town when I'm down, it clears me frown,
I don't go in me jarmies or me dressin gown,
There's men with round bellies, toddlers in wellies,
Posh ladies gather in their marks and spencer swagger,
There's scouse brow teens, sunbed queens,
Hunks and punks, lonely drunks,
Suits in boots forgetting their roots and hens in toots,
Big issue sellers, statue fellas holding golf umbrellas,
Coz of all the rain,
But it's all good, coz we come from mud,
Let's cheer, why?
Coz I'm here,
I'm me, me names T, and me hubbys P me best friends she..... lagh,
I like coffee and toffee and Roger Mcgoughy,
I like statistics logistics eye shadow and lipsticks,
I like bags and wags and cigarette fags, but not beer,
I'm fine on wine if I take me time,
I don't do a line, unless I'm hanging me washing on it,
I work in a bar, not far, I don't drive a car, and I don't say Lar or kid or lad or lid or mar,
I'm proud and loud, don't live on a cloud, and I don't follow the crowd,
I'm a mum to some, I've got a big round bum, but I'm me you see,
I'm not square, I dye me hair, I swear but you can take me anywhere,
Coz I care,
I'm good,
I'm mud; it's in me blood,

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