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A Simple Daydream

Pure imagination indeed
Reality wanted and needed at the same time
A physical love
An emotional love

I want to feel your love
Your touch, strong and gentle
Caressing and powerful
Sending chills through my entire body
I need your touch
I want to feel your hands on me, in me
My face against your face
Your lips hot and soft
Your hands on me, feeling me, pulling me into you

I want to feel you breathe
Breathe me in
Breathe me out
Just breathe me
I want to breathe you
My head on your chest, slowly rising and falling to the rhythm of your deep breaths
I can feel your warm breath against my face while I breathe against your chest

I want to see your love in your eyes
I sense your soft gaze, the one that tells me I just melted your heart
A shade of gorgeous blue
Captivating and alluring
I want to see your eyes staring at mine
To feel the need in them as you search within me
I find your soul and you see me
You really see me

I want to hear your voice
Your gentle voice in my ears
Makes my heart skip a beat
I want to hear care and love and appreciation
I want you to whisper it

I want to be in your arms
Cocooned in a spinning bliss
A comfort that is not known yet, fulfilled
To look up and see you
Your blue eyes pouring that everything look into my soul
A burning touch of your hands, forcing emotion
A gentle smile
With your blue eyes shining at me
And your arms around me, enclosing me

Just a perfect daydream

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Comments (5)

Its so full of images and brings me back to so many of my own thoughts and desires, very personal and full of familiar thoughts... it says things as I would like to say them, I really enjoyed it.
This is very beautifully and artfully done- to tongue tied to say anymore, - very nice.
Jennifer, Beautiful, soft and sensuous, I love this, it feels like love. Perfect
Hi, very beautiful poem....is it yr inter feeling?
ive learned that some daydreams DO come true....dont stop dreaming! ! Brian