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Going Home.
(25th March 1943 / )

Going Home.

Poem By Tony Adah

A sculpture so beautifully designed,
Becomes a pleasure to the mind,
In colours of yellow, red and brown,
Wearing a true autumnal gown.
It had fluttered down, fully complete,
And landed gently, at my feet,
I picked it up, and then did view,
A passenger, a spider who,
Had settled there, a place to choose,
And awakening from his lengthy snooze,
Quickly skuttled off, making his escape,
Leaving me with just, the perfect shape
Of a simple leaf, with its own story,
Resting in my hand, in all its glory.

© Ernestine Northover

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Comments (12)

Ernestine, this simple poem about a simple leaf is certainly 'a pleasure to the mind.' It is, as you have so eloquently stated, 'a sculpture so beautifully designed.' A masterpiece! ! Brian
Oh, you've proven that simple leaf is not so simple after all...beautifully sclupted, just like your poetry! Peace, Aisha
Of a simple leaf, with it's own story... this line sung to me. i really, really enjoy your style, your way with words, your wistful feel. makes me feel so nostalgic & lovely. best care, Sus.
That is a lovely poem showing the beauty of nature all around us.
Beautiful Ernestine, I felt as if I was holding that leaf and watching the spider skuttle away. Warm wishes, Justine.