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A Simple Misunderstanding
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A Simple Misunderstanding

I’ve got all these thoughts running through my head,
Feelings being felt and words being said.
So much pain, so much hurt.
People don’t think before they speak.
What they say affects people around them.
Those harsh, careless words just lost me my friends.

An accusation, just one.
People accusing me, of something I didn’t do.
And I explain, explain my side of the story.
But no, they have their minds made up.
To them I am guilty, and don’t even get a chance.
No chance to protest my innocence.

But what did I do to deserve this punishment?
What was my crime?
Somebody please tell me, so I can fix these mistakes.
Fix these mistakes, and undo all this hurt, stop the pain.

Just one chance is all I ask. Just one.
Once chance to tell you my side of the story, the truth.
Please don’t hate me. It’s not my fault.
I am sure it’s just a misunderstanding.
It is common among humans.
And that’s just it.
At the end of the day, we’re just human. I am just human.

Mistakes are made, so we can learn from them.
But nobody ever factored in how much hurt would be caused,
How much pain simple mistakes could cause.
And this I realise, you have simply made a mistake.
Please just let me explain, so we can get through,
And leave this all in the past.

So I leave with my final plea to you,
Please just let me explain, if kindly you will listen.
Just four simple words I have for you: I didn’t do it.
This is my answer, and you know the question.
I hope you believe me. Our friendship is worth more.
It’s worth too much to throw away because of a mistake.
A simple misunderstanding.

All the good times, surely they outweigh the bad?
Surely I meant more to you; surely you can’t just throw it all away?
Throw away our friendship?

But the decision is yours to make, and I respect that.
For whatever you decide, I will respect your wishes.
All I can do is show you how I feel, what I think.
What I think of the wonderful person you are.
I know you don’t have it in you to hate me.
So please, don’t hate me; it’s not the person you are.

Just listen, five minutes is all it would take.
I will listen to you, if in return will you listen to me?
So please take five minutes out of your life.
Hopefully I mean more to you than this,
And we can take this time to sort out
A simple misunderstanding.

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