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Poem By Tribhawan Kaul

Poems are like flowers
Seed sowed in the mind
Inked through heart
Flowering in different ways
In themes, essence and shapes
Catering for creative minds
Direct, indirect,
From the heart or intellect
Soulful or poignant
A loner's lament,
A lover's moan
A soulful tone
A happy reunion
A false illusion
A thought divine
A visit to shrine
A solitary pain
A wife's disdain
A dreamer's dream
A heart's scream
A love profound
A trust abound
A soldier's sacrifice
A pet's demise
A mother's love
A poet's dove
Anything you name it
A poem will tame it
Fractured texture
Or with a rhyme
Under the shelter of vast universe
When words begin to shine
Luring every creative mind
Like a bee to nectar
Extracting honey of its own kind.
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All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

Comments about A Simple Poem: - Poems

you got it so right poet and wonderfully.
Beautiful poem on poems....right from the seeds of poems, to the way it is nurtured and finally the birth of poem you have depicted very well. A wonderful write. Loved the way you presented it..
Any thing under the sun can make a topic for a poem and you have chosen some of the pet themes of most of the poets. I t is rendered in a capturing way...! Enjoyed the beauty of this narration!
Ah a marvelous poem on the various poems n themes of difrent human poets. Creative wonderful! And wow sir u were born on New yrs day.! Great day great poet.
Really, poems are store-house of various emotive actions.Very beautifully written.

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