A Simple Smile Is A Simple Matter Of Great Complexity!

But still, if done nicely.

And well done nicely?

If you have smiled nicely?

You have done it nicely?

You have done it nicely.

by Sumita Jetley

Comments (12)

Fine poem dear poetess......./////////
A smile is worth a thousand happiness...thanks for sharing a smiling poem..
To smile is to add manners to your face my dear. Your smile is a lovely face dear. Oh dear smile
Just six short likes on a smile, and already I am frowning. The first two lines mangle the English language. I don't know what to make of this attempt. All those question marks show that the poet is doubtful about her attempt at poetry. This is shallow verse. What pains me if the absurd flattery of the comments below. By Dev Anand, Akhtar Jawad, etc. I will only SMILE when all these poets (or poetasters) and their poems are dumped in a municipal garbage truck and their poems incinerated.
A beautiful smile is a gift that we can offer to anyone and you made me smile through your lovely poem.
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