(2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)

A Singing Caged Bird

Strike my mind those days when I was free,
When I'd meet my friends with love and glee,
They excused me if I commit any misdeed,
And also helped when I was in need.

Ah! My limitless blue surface I lost,
On my mild wings I would fly very fast,
The sky was my yard where I'd play,
And searching for food flew towards clay.

When I miss my beautiful heavenly nest,
My pining heart gives another cup of unrest,
With my kins in which I lived with zest,
My soul cries - For me that was the best.

Peace lies there and is full of fragrance,
And is surrounded by flowers-fence,
To the garden my nest makes no distance,
Missing it, going to expire my existence.

I prefer my broken nest to this golden cage,
Was born and have I to die in my nest,
And it has been dear to me since my little age,
I prefer death to slavery in golden walls, with zest.

With my beloved I would take food,
So, alone I can't here nor she there,
Hence we both'll curse thee in pathetic mood,
Not only we both but also Venus somewhere.

O fowler! Set me free, we'll pray for thee,
Thy greatness will breakout all over uneverse,
Thy beloved never be displeased with thee,
Nor ever befall parting: says my verse.


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Awesome, this is without doubt one of the best poems you have wriiten.......... so much pain of the concrete in the soul of the natures child and yet the indomitable hope in every thing around...you are an amazing poet
Awesome this is without doubt one of the best poems you have written.....so much pain of the concrete in the soul of bird and yet the hope which keeps her singing...love it you are an amazing poet