(2/18/94 / some where in this universe muhahaha)

A Single Candle/Death Herself

A single flame lights her face
The face of death
A single candle holds her fears
The fears of death

Her hands clasped anrond their souls
The souls of the dead
She feeds of their screams
The screams of the dead

Her legs lay bellow her
Bellow death
Her black gown over her body
The body of death

Her chest rises and falls with her breath
The breath of death
Her cloak drawn over her long flowing jet hair
The face of death

Her eyes unmoved unfeeling
Do you see it?
Do you see the soul of death?
Do you feel it?

Her skin as white as snow as it fades into darkness
The snow of tears
Her cloths as dark as night that swallows the light
The dark we all shall see

Her eyes close as she feels their souls flow
Flow from the dead
She leaves them there to lay in darkness
She steals from the dead

A single candle lights their faces filled with her
Filled with death
They fall into the darkness of her eyes, of her heart
The darkness of death

A single candle shall stay to light their way
Their way through the dark
A single candle holds their past
The pain and trials

A single candle lights her face
The face of death
A single candle holds her fears
The fears of death herself

A single candle

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a touching heartfelt poem.let me watch that sacrificing candle while giving and giving
Young lady, i do believe i may have just read the writings of a promising young artisan, on the horizon.Very nicely done...Do re-check your spelling, as grammaricals play an all too important role in good poetry being deemed accomplished work.Your stanzaec movement is smooth...and your storyline intriguing.Solid crafting, Bethany...Good Luck! ~ FjR ~
sick d00d i loved it :)