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A Single Golden Leaf
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A Single Golden Leaf

Poem By Lori Boulard

Blue seamless sky
Heat rising faster than the sun
In a race only tempered by a breeze,
I collapse under my faithful tree
And melt among the grass.
There is no winter in my world.
And as I revel in an eternity of summer,
A single golden leaf
Floats down from my refuge,
The color of hot apple cider
And caution.
It warns shamelessly of changes,
Of copper colors and bitter cold.
I cling desperately to the moment
As fragile as the leaves above,
Knowing with each passing day
My Eden drifts closer to the ground,
To be buried by autumn
Lulled to sleep by the frost
Awakened only by the kiss of the sun.

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Comments (5)

'One more! I'll read just one more poem' The times cracking on... I sit here on my Lap-top... Feel my Wife's eyes on me... Time... Time.... Glad I picked this one.... Wonderful imagery.... Wonderful colours..... But Those eyes are winning.... Me thinks! RogerXx
Lots of promise in 'A Single Golden Leaf'. I love those copper colors.
i got a tiny flashback of a summer, years ago, when i was reading this. thanks.
How tightly we try to clutch that last golden leaf to ourselves before it passes away. And it goes right on as though we didn't have it in a death grip in the first place. Marvelous poem, keep up the good work. Scarlett
Beautiful extended metaphor. I would consider punctuation, however. This is the kind of poem that seems to need it.