SF (February,4,1937 / W. Columbia, WV, USA)

The Snare

I hear a sudden cry of pain!
There is a rabbit in a snare:
Now I hear the cry again,
But I cannot tell from where.

But I cannot tell from where
He is calling out for aid!
Crying on the frightened air,
Making everything afraid!

Making everything afraid!
Wrinkling up his little face!
And he cries again for aid;
- and I cannot find the place!

And I cannot find the place
Where his paw is in the snare!
Little One! Oh, Little One!
I am searching everywhere!

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‘…A touch of soul is music to the bone, /Even after every wing has flown.’ A finest poetic tribute to Julia Ann Hinkle 1846-1908…..a touch of music to bone…..oh excellent just into marrow…thrilling and shuddering by the composition…if I were like Ma’am Ms. Nivedita UK PS 10+
Who ever inspire you ma'am.. I m glad and very thankful for that person.. cause you write very beautiful poems indeed.. your poems sort of have a very soothing effect on mind., .. I like that effect.. there are few poets in this site that can make that sort of a effect on reader's mind.. this is a good write.. with love shan
I think 'captivating grace' desscribes this piece (and its author) in a nutshell. A tear to the eye, S. t x
'A touch of soul is music to the bone' The power of words to communicate. Thanks for the poem, Sandra
lovely sandra. lovely tribute.
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