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A Single Tribute
CRM (1961 / )

A Single Tribute

And there is just
A single floral tribute
On that lamppost now
On this, the latest
Anniversary of loss,
Where there were many
Those few years ago
When kith and kin
And sundry strangers
Felt unbounded cost
As life’s young dream
Was roughly wrenched
Out from their grasp
When cruel knife
Performed its task.
Now, there is only one
Memorial to your life
From whom, I do not know.
Is it a sister, lover, wife
Or grieving mother
Missing her lost son?
And though for others
Time’s healing work has done
Its level best,
One still is left
To bring you flowers;
One still remains
In whose torn heart
You still shall live
So she can share your pain.
And, though the years go past
And struggling memory fades,
Your face will smile within
Until she lays,
As you do, in her grave.
A single tribute
On the lamppost, still
Is needed just to give
The world the indication
You existed
And you lived.

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