AH (12/21/1963 / )

Extra: Microfinance Done Too Easy

i just did a contract of $50 Dollars to the Borrower
with a specific date and no interest charged
no hidden fees or charges
no court involvement
fees are too high for small loans to be involved at this level
media too stupid to be involved
although Self-Reporting to PRBC is perfect in this situation
the entity
which is I
as an Entrepreneur and Self-Employed
pay a fee etc (do your research)
him / her pay me in return
on the date as agreed upon
the benefits?
proof of legal business
which is within the finance sector of business management
conducted 24/7 (i have an app in the making to cater with business cards to pass out after about fifty people)
the Borrower signed the document
gave the Borrower a copy
and I kept a copy to be filed
the only profits made are:
Retail Bank Earned-Interest on the Dollar based on the GDP which fluctuates due to different aspects of the macro and microeconomy
the last profit made is Social Engineering
as Word Of Mouth networking is greater by degrees than a commercial
plus i have no building which eliminates utilities and unnecessary debts
enabling me to be mobile than stationary...

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This one has a bit of philosophy mixed with a drink. Is it not ever so? GW62
A thought provoking poem, very well constructed and a very nice read indeed. Well done. Enjoyed it. Love Ernestine XXX