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A Siren's Song
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

A Siren's Song

A Siren's Song
Written by: Wilfred Mellers,12 September 2015

She was that melody that once resonated in my head
Crystal waters sprang un-quenching crimson red
Silently screaming my demise she was scheming
A mere fantasy propelled past apogee you see

A siren sang sweetly bellowing in my ear
Mystified for she was all that I could hear
Her ballads were not more audible than a whisper
The sweetest melodies purpose so truly sinister

Entrapped by Asian eyes for I was a prisoner
Frozen wine I find had turned to vinegar
It wasn't quite what I expected
My faculties affected once collected

In deeper waters swam for the fool I am
So profound as I started to drown
I gave up without much of a struggle
Watched my breath turned to air bubbles

Waywardly summoned by a succubus uncommon
The weather changed from senses estranged
An omen of things to come for the body grew numb
Turmoil was the sea from pain I was set free

Who could have predicted that the winds would've shifted
Into the abbess I drifted for my mind was now twisted
As panic set in fierce winds, she laughs
She caroled to my peril as the sea grasped my apparel

Finally to wash up on a foreign shore
Lost my strength for I have faith no more
Lucky to have escaped with my life at all
The truth cuts like a knife so far to fall

As the blade slices deeply
Her voice sang out sweetly
Words once were spoken weeps softly
A fool I fell so easily

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