A Skipped Heartbeat

Poem By Brandon Chiles

Theres this girl with a metal smile,
her beauty can be seen for over a mile.
She makes me think and makes me smile,
I wish I could be with her for just awhile.
Everytime she says Hi,
my heart skips another beat.
Everytime I look into her gorgeous eyes, my heart skips a beat.
I'm lost in the marvel that is her,
my heart beating faster as I tear them away from her.
A smirk crosses my face,
knowing she has the same.
My Heart Skips a Beat.
I couldn't be happier than when I'm around her,
she's intoxicating me and I lust for more.
Her radiance and radical attitude are a perfect match for my lost soul.
I've asked her to marry me, thrice and no more.
I've been politely declined,
but I'm sure she just doesn't feel right...
I try to remind her how amazing she is...
without starting a fight.
I know she'll be the first to read,
another of my work.
She's amazing like that...
because only she...
can make the Dying Romantic's heart...
skip a beat.

Comments about A Skipped Heartbeat

Killer Romero Syndrome...go for it boi! Nice piece here..really great lines...
i swear ur way to amazing...not blushing this time but tears in my eyes. u better get online soon i need to talk to u now.i created an acount.i'll prob post my songs on here now so u can c also.. but plz don't make tears come to my eyes agian. love always summer

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