A Slave Called Valentine

she loved and loved,
but was again and again pushed away
she couldnt take it and moved and moved,
til one day that man came to love her as they say

for everything she was and stood for,
when their lips touched she could fly
when he got sick and was so sore
she gagged and hurt, she was ready to die

he wrenched and internally bled
the more he loved her the more he was cursed
the more she felt every tear that shed
she felt his agony and he went through hers

she knew her only love was killing the one
she had waited so long for, and had he,
to stop him from drinking the vile of poison
she grasped the dagger and plunged quickly

she died for what she wanted the most
he lived and she was over joyed
but he was devastated a living ghost
soon he died, broken hearted, together they filled the void,

by SarahLouise Malone

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Comments (9)

good writing, and excellent fabric of words...
so sad kind of like a romeo and juliet poem i thought it was really good
Beautiful yet wrenchingly sad. Keep writing. It was good.
beautiful poem indeed...love depicted in beautiful way
It seems more an opera than a tragedy, it recalls 'Rigoletto' by Verdi. Strenght of the passions is terrible, sometimes luckily somebody reminds us of it.
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