NVR (15/09/1976 / Madanapalle, India)

A Slave Of None!

Born In the Times of World,
With no Choices to Make,
With no Selections Made,
With no Screenings Done,
With no Cesarean Cuts,
With Nature's Freedom,
And Survival Goal Alone,
I'm a 'Slave of None'!

Grown Amidst Strife,
Survived to Thrive,
Proven to be Brave,
Not for an Early Grave,
But for a Long-life Drive,
And Bow or Prey to None,
To Shine like only ONE,
Unfelt by Duals & Duels,
I'm a 'Slave of None'!

Liberty to Experiment,
With Results Unaware,
Only Observations Made,
To Introspect Self,
For Life's Noble Cause,
To Lead a Man's Life,
To Rise and Raise,
I'm a 'Slave of None'!

Let Alone Death,
Just like the Birth,
Take Me Away,
For Ever and Ever,
With No Choices Made,
For I Left My Marks,
Of Legacy and Pride,
In the History's Path,
To Yell Time and Again,
I'm a 'Slave of None'!

by Naga Vamshidhar Ratakonda

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