A Slave To A Knave

Bone by bone and limb by limb
My life which was purchased
With your blood money
Is now to be placed upon the block
And then auctioned off as neither
Animal or Vegetable
But as the bi products used
In the making of soap
Most times smells will reveal
More to us than words can tell
Decay so unmistakably told
By the tiny hairs in ones nose
And not by the incompetent adjectives and verbs
Left speechless by a liar's tongue.....


by Ted Sheridan

Comments (3)

I have read many poems, but none have moved me more than this one... Nothing left to say, it's brillant. Colin J...
there will always be liars but than to balance it out there will be good souls like you. Have to hope the good out number the creeps...interesting write.....
And, as a former slave, I know....that last line is awesome...left speechless by a liar's tongue. Truth in depth of words...