A Slice Of Life

Poem By Renee Harris

When I was just a little girl, I use to sit and wonder about this world.
The good, bad, wicked and ugly.
I learned so much it wasn't funny.
A Slice of life is all you get.
Take it from me, that's a real tip!
Life is hard, often unkind
Look out, beware! It can blow your mind.
It's okay to wonder not too long
your sitting still, lifes moving on.
No need to run, you can't hide.
You'll be left sitting by the waste side.
Take your slice its yours to have
if you don't it will be grabbed.
The gift of life is the greatest of all
each breath I take I feel real tall.
Life is real I learned that young.
Living in the ghetto I had lots of fun.
Times were hard, that's okay at least I didn't
give my slice away.
You might wonder what I'm trying to say,
I'll break it down in a simple way.
Don't forget yesterday but look at today.
People living in the street.
If you may.
Little innocent children can't go out to play.
'Cause neighborhood war, shooting from door to door.
People being robbed on their way to the store.
And I'm not finished yet!
Theres plenty more.
Our young children caught up in drug wars.
Fathers aren't present, that's the pits.
Mothers turning tricks, to get a hit.
Babies being born drug addicts, and all this stuff
is making me sick.
Teenagers going every way but right.
'cause all they know is drugs and fights.
Hey! if you choose to live this way,
you just gave your slice away.
Why am I expressing myself this way?
Cause someone took Earl's slice away.
And I'm not happy, needless to say
his family and true friends feel the same today.
So before you give or take a slice,
please remember my advice.
Keep the faith, try to live right.
God will shield you day and night.
Theres no need to fuss or fight, you can have your
entire slice.
When you learn to value life.

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I think your poem is really lovely

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